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Stone Town Tour(Half Day Excursion)

Stone townCome to join our Swahili Insiders who will show you, a short introduction to Zanzibar history, culture and architecture of old Town! To optimize your day and tailor made the Tour, do not hesitate to consult our guide. The Old Stone Town highlights includes a visit to Old Fort, House of Wonders, Local Market, Sultan Palace, Slave Chambers, and Forodhani Gardens. Children below 12 years is free (maximum 3 children)

Spice Tour (Half Day Excursion)

KarafuuOur Spice Tour offers you the opportunity to indulge your senses with a kaleidoscope of smells, tastes and textures. From the punch of Chili to the refreshing succulence of green coconut flesh. It also provides you with unique chance to purchase those exclusive spices straight from the farm. Indeed, no trip to Zanzibar is complete without a visit to one of our carefully selected Spice Farms. A local Spice farm to view, learn about plants and tropical spices still growing there. Discover and sense cloves, cinnamon, saffron and nutmeg, Taste all seasonal tropical fruits and witness a coconut and pineapple plantations. Children below 12 years is free (maximum 3 children)

Prison Island Tour (Half Day Excursion)

PrisonFor a peaceful and relaxing excursion join our Tour to the historical Prison Island, nestled off the Western coast of The Heart of Stone Town, You will be taken in local motorized boat approximately 25 minutes only, you will enjoy guided tour to the Old Jail built in 1893. Free time to Sunbathe and swimming, enjoy spectacular Snorkeling around the Island. It is your chance to see giant living tortoise and beautiful peacocks. Don’t miss this Beautiful Experience! Children below 12 years is free (maximum 3 children)

Jozani Forest Tour (Half Day Excursion)

Jozan forestJozani Forest boasts a rich diversity of native wildlife, including swamp forest, evergreen thicket, mangrove, Red Colobus Monkeys and Sykes. Monkeys can be seen frolicking amongst the exotic Indigenous flora. Spend a day wandering through Mahogany forest and discover its hidden secrets. Morning Excursion Recommended as you can commonly spot more monkeys. Children below 12 years is free (maximum 3 children)

Sandbank Picnic (Full Day Excursion)

This is 01h30 drive by luxury minivan to Fumba Village from the Hotel to start the most beautiful location for exploring the wildlife, isolated Sandbanks, and rugged  Tropical Islands. Sandbank Picnic is a full day boat trip on a traditional Hand built mahogany sailing dhow. Enjoy  snorkeling with pristine corals, beautiful fishes and plenty of dolphins.A seafood BBQ Lunch is served on an Island at the Sandbank. Lunch is included. Children below 12 years is free (maximum 3 children)

Dolphin Tour (03 Hours Excursion)

Fall in love with Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphins and feel like you’re flying during the famous ‘foot push’ during this interactive program on Menai Bay Conservation Area. After a pleasant boat ride from nearby Kizimkazi Village, you’re led to deep waters in a calm lagoon. Learn about these friendly creatures from a resident trainer , and then play with dolphins in their natural habitat rather than a man-made pool.Each morning the local pod of dolphins wake from their overnight spot in Menai Bay and prepare themselves for the day ahead, playing with the tourists is just part of their morning routine. Children below 12 years is free (maximum 3 children)

Zanzibar Vespa Tour (Half Day Tour)

Combine history with adventure on a half day tour of the historical sites of Zanzibar by classic Vespa scooter! As your private guide drives, enjoy the wind in your hair and take in the highlights of Zanzibar's five historical Sites. See the impressive Kidichi Persian Baths of outside Stone Town. Take a break on Mangapwani Beach and soak up views of the Indian Ocean and Ancient Arab’s slave chambers. If there ever was an ancient city to see on the back of a Vespa, it's Zanzibar! Children below 12 years is free (maximum 3 children)

Zanzibar Pure Passion (Half Day Excursion)

This Tour will take you to Muyuni Village in the South of Zanzibar. The people of Muyuni follow their culture, norms, and tradition very closely and during this tour you will get opportunity to mingle with local peoples to learn more about their lifestyle. The village is fascinating and one will be able to see a number of traditional activities including rope making, Makuti and basket plaiting, and weaving of Zanzibar baskets and mates.
The tour also includes a visit to Ngonga Cave located in the Local Village, a beautiful gem sculptured by nature into fascinating underground halls, chambers and tunnels. It is a home of Vampire Bats, Ancient Spirits and ghosts. Children below 12 years is free (maximum 3 children)

Cheetah’s Rock Zanzibar (Half Day Tour)

Cheetah’s Rock is a unique, very special romantic place where people and animals interact directly face to face, eye to eye with friendly Zanzibar experience. Cheetah’s Rock is absolutely not a Zoo, not a wildlife sanctuary. It is something different. Prepare yourself for a magical, memorable and remarkable experience. Cheetah’s Rock believes in introducing wildlife in a really different, much closer, interactive and more personal way.

Big Game Fishing (Full Day or Half Day)

Experience some of the greatest sport fishing waters in Zanzibar when you take a full day or half day fishing charter from Nungwi or Kendwa Fishing Village, aboard 'Reel Time'! As you head out to the deep waters ready for luxurious cruising and the ultimate in sport fishing, dorado, Kingfish, sailfish, tuna and blue marlin offer an exciting challenge to all anglers!
Fishing Gears:
Fully equipped with outriggers, professional Shimano & Penn stand up rods, reels for trolling ( six rods) Live baiting, down rigging, jigging, spinning & popping.
Electoronic Gears
Garmin GPS Map Fish-Finder, VHF Radio.

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